3 features of an ideal child custody exchange site
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3 features of an ideal child custody exchange site

| Oct 26, 2020 | Child Custody |

During your divorce, you probably put a great deal of thought into child custody and related matters. Now that you have agreed to co-parent your kids, you can focus on your children’s future. Still, you must get through your custody exchanges without a fight. 

When your scheduled parenting time starts and ends, you must hand off the kids to their other parent. Putting the location of the custody exchange into your parenting plan or custody agreement is a good idea. Here are three features of an ideal custody hand off site. 

1. Safety

Everyone’s physical safety is the most important consideration when selecting a custody exchange site. To minimize potential risks, pick a spot that is weather-appropriate and bright. Remember, a hand-off location that is safe during most of the year may be unsafe at other times. 

2. Accessibility

If you and your children’s co-parent live far apart, you may have some difficulty finding a convenient and accessible exchange location. Still, unless you have some valid reason to choose a different site, you should opt for a spot that is roughly equidistant between each residence. 

This approach minimizes commute time, which should lead to a better co-parenting experience for everyone in your family. 

3. Neutrality

There may seem to be little wrong with exchanging the kids at your home or at their other parent’s house. Doing so, though, may be a big mistake. 

Put simply, it may be uncomfortable or downright awkward for you to see your ex-spouse in his or her post-divorce world.  Selecting a neutral hand-off location is usually a more feasible option. 

By choosing an impartial site, you decrease the potential for conflict and start and end your parenting time on a good note.