Skilled Guidance In Personal Injury

If you were in any type of motor vehicle accident or suffered because a hospital or medical care person did not follow the rules or act in a reasonable manner, you will have bills, pain and lost wages to deal with. If you are suffering with a preventable personal injury or if you lost a loved one in a wrongful death event, we can help.

Broadly Experienced Legal Professionals

For over 27 years Herrenkohl Law Office has served those injured in many types of accidents, including:

  • Auto accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Defective products
  • Medical malpractice
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Product liability
  • Property liability
  • Slip and fall

Recovering Compensation In Automobile Accidents

Even when the other driver's negligence is obvious, accident victims still face problems collecting compensation. You will need help navigating the insurance system to recover the cost of your injuries and automobile, car, motorcycle, trailer or vehicle repair or replacement. Insurance companies can be slow to respond or may even contest your claim. Getting an experienced attorney involved often speeds up the process and can ensure that you receive a just and fair settlement. A lawyer who works with insurance companies has the skill to negotiate on your behalf.

Protection From Aggressive Insurance Tactics

Beware of the insurance company. If the insurance company agrees to pay, its settlement offer is often low. Other times, the at-fault driver's insurance coverage is not enough to cover your medical bills, pain and suffering. Herrenkohl Law Office can help you work through these and other obstacles the insurance company throws your way. We will fight you battle against the insurance company. Many times a lawsuit will have to be filed to protect your claim. Our office will handle filling the lawsuit, conducting legal discovery, and litigating your case before a jury.

Trusted Advocacy In Medical Malpractice Case

Patients throughout the state of West Virginia place their trust in a variety of doctors and medical professionals. Medical patients deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. When your rights as a patient are violated because of medical malpractice, good legal representation from a trusted attorney can ensure that you receive fair and just compensation. Medical malpractice and other health care related claims are complicated. The companies and associations that represent doctors and hospitals are paid very well to defend negligence claims. You want someone that can and will take on the high paid legal defense teams to take your claim to just compensation.

Agile In A Changing Legal Climate

Herrenkohl Law Office provides professional and knowledgeable guidance through West Virginia's evolving tort reform and malpractice laws. Attorney Amy Martin Herrenkohl has helped clients with cases of medical malpractice, including abuse and neglect for over two decades. Attorney Herrenkohl is a trusted attorney for medical malpractice who works closely with you or the victim's family to determine the extent of harm, as well as the deserved compensation. We pursue malpractice cases to the full extent that laws allow.

Experienced Wrongful Death Representation

The wrongful death of a spouse or family member is a tragedy. The financial hardships created from accidental death or criminal negligence can often be too much for a family to bear. Wrongful death can often leave loved ones with an excessive financial burden, emotional distress and loss of future family hopes and plans.

The financial burdens can be more than just lost income. The loss of income also means the loss of homes, cars, college education, vacations, Christmas and birthday gifts, and companionship.

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We can help relieve the financial pressure. Call Herrenkohl Law Office today or email us for a free consultation at 304-948-5703. We serve clients in Barboursville, Beckley and in the surrounding West Virginia communities.