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How your use of social media can impact your divorce

If you, like so many across West Virginia, are working through an impending divorce, you may find that your life has changed dramatically from what is was several weeks, months or even years ago. Often, people who are navigating their way through a divorce find that they rely more on social media, whether for entertainment, to make new connections or what have you. If you are not careful when doing so, however, the things you say and do online may come back to haunt you. At Herrenkohl Law Office, we understand how your use of social media can negatively impact your divorce, and we have helped many clients work their way through separations, divorces and a range of related issues.

Per Prevention, one way in which your use of social media may impact your divorce is that your posts could potentially come into play when determining alimony arrangements, child custody decisions and so on. Therefore, it is typically wise to consider taking a “less is more” approach to your use of social media throughout your divorce. Hold off on checking in at a restaurant with someone who might be seen as a romantic interest, and think twice before posting pictures of a dream vacation or other major purchase.

Getting ready for one of the biggest decisions in your life

At Herrenkohl Law Office, we know that the child custody portion of a divorce is the first priority of many people in West Virginia. Our clients' children are almost always considered before liquid asset division, real estate decisions or even spousal support agreements. 

It is no surprise that our clients place their loved ones above material matters. However, in the context of a divorce, a balanced approach is often better than focusing entirely on one aspect. The family unit and the communal property of the marriage are intertwined legally in ways that are sometimes difficult even for family court judges to understand. Changing one aspect often affects the others in unexpected ways.

What you need to know about marital assets

Not all marriages in West Virginia last for a lifetime. For any number of reasons, some couples decide to just call it quits. Inevitably, many divorcing couples will worry about how their assets will be divided. This is where the concept of marital assets come in. Married couples should know what marital assets are and how they may be split in the event of a divorce.

Forbes describes marital assets as assets and property that are accumulated by a couple during marriage. This includes property the couple owns, such as a house, or vehicles like automobiles and boats. Marital assets can also include a bank account held in the names of both spouses, or investments in financial portfolios. Conversely, separate assets are those assets only owned by one spouse. Typically, separate assets are acquired before the marriage, but spouses can still acquire separate assets during marriage if those assets are not co-mingled with existing marital property.

Don't face divorce barriers alone

West Virginia has some beautiful scenery; rivers, mountains and more. While marvelous to encounter when the view is what you seek, those same vistas can be scary in unexpected circumstances. They can be faced and overcome, but most experts would urge against trying to do that alone.

In this blog post, we want to offer the view that the same holds true when it comes to couples facing divorce. Divorce is very much part of the fabric of everyday life today, but that does not mean it is easy. Just the thought of divorce can trigger extreme emotions. Add tensions that can arise while addressing individual family issues and it's easy to begin feeling like you are alone against Spruce Mountain.

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