Decide to pay child support with time or with money
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Decide to pay child support with time or with money

| Oct 11, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

At Herrenkohl Law Office, we take pride in the fact that we work hard to achieve our clients’ goals. We believe that we are some of the toughest divorce lawyers in West Virginia. However, determination alone is not enough to succeed — we also need to truly understand our clients’ goals.

If you were going through a divorce, success would be all about what you want. That means you, personally. What is the best situation for your life, right now? Do you want certain items out of your shared property? Do you need certain custody privileges with your children? We know that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions.

We often find that people are more concerned about their children’s futures than any other single consideration in a divorce. Therefore, for our clients with kids, we often make a point to explain the child custody and support options before we do anything else. In particular, we often touch on a certain West Virginia law that partially governs support amount. 

We find that the terms, shared and extended shared parenting, are confusingly similar. It would probably be simpler to think of this particular rule as paying child support with your time or your money. Here are the typical options, assuming you would be the one paying child support:

  • Shared parenting: You spend less than 128 nights per year taking care of your children, and your child support bill is higher.
  • Extended shared parenting. You spend more than 128 nights with the kids, reducing your child support responsibilities.

This makes sense in theory, but things often get complicated when you start weighing professional and financial necessities against emotional and familial concerns. No single solution works for everybody, and that is why — before we start in on our legal strategies — we try to explain every option available that could help our clients achieve their goals. Please continue on to our legal site for more information.