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Providing Clear, Thoughtful Guidance In Child Custody Proceedings

Making custody decisions is often the most difficult and stressful aspect of divorce for any parent. If not done carefully, the process can also be particularly hard on the children. That’s why custody matters should always be approached thoughtfully and focused on the children’s well-being.

Child Custody

At Herrenkohl Law Office, we are dedicated to achieving the most positive results for you and your children in any custody matter. We work with you throughout the process to minimize conflict and find solutions that work for the whole family.

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Parenting Plans Put You In Control Of The Outcome

Whenever possible, courts prefer that parents reach an agreement on their own about allocation of custody. If you and your spouse/co-parent are able to negotiate in good faith, you can work out the details of your parenting plan. These can and should be very detailed. A small sample of issues to be addressed includes:

  • Which parent the children will be with and when
  • How many days/overnights each parent will get each year
  • How holidays will be allocated between parents, including lengthier breaks from school
  • When and how children will be transferred between homes
  • How to resolve disputes and disagreements without going to court
  • Which child-related decisions need to be made jointly with the other parent
  • Consistency of rules about school, homework, bedtime, etc.

The more detailed and specific your parenting plan is, the less likely you will be to encounter disputes or problems later on. We are here to advise you and help you negotiate a parenting plan that works for both parents and meets the best interests of the children.

Letting A Judge Decide

If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement or your spouse refuses to negotiate in good faith, custody decisions will be left up to a judge. This is not an ideal solution, but is sometimes the only way to resolve a dispute.

West Virginia courts prefer that parents share custody, and do so as equally as possible. In all decisions, the best interests of the child are the guiding principle. If your case must go before a judge, we will ensure that all important details are shared with the court and that we present a strong case for why you deserve to maintain a strong and continuous relationship with your children.

Learn More In An Initial Consultation

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