How your use of social media can impact your divorce
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How your use of social media can impact your divorce

| Jul 17, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

If you, like so many across West Virginia, are working through an impending divorce, you may find that your life has changed dramatically from what is was several weeks, months or even years ago. Often, people who are navigating their way through a divorce find that they rely more on social media, whether for entertainment, to make new connections or what have you. If you are not careful when doing so, however, the things you say and do online may come back to haunt you. At Herrenkohl Law Office, we understand how your use of social media can negatively impact your divorce, and we have helped many clients work their way through separations, divorces and a range of related issues.

Per Prevention, one way in which your use of social media may impact your divorce is that your posts could potentially come into play when determining alimony arrangements, child custody decisions and so on. Therefore, it is typically wise to consider taking a “less is more” approach to your use of social media throughout your divorce. Hold off on checking in at a restaurant with someone who might be seen as a romantic interest, and think twice before posting pictures of a dream vacation or other major purchase.

Remember, you should never assume that you have any semblance of privacy when interacting online. Even if you do not allow certain people to view your profiles, that does not necessarily mean mutual friends, your spouse’s legal team and others will not try to gain access.

Because more and more modern divorces involve social media used as evidence against one party or another, you may want to ask yourself if using such channels is currently in your best interests. Abstaining from using social media, at least for a period, may prove beneficial in the long run. Find more about divorce and family law on our webpage.