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Giving your children reassurance about shared parenting

As your divorce is moving towards finalization, you are beginning to secure the details of the child custody agreement between you and your ex. While you feel confident about having arranged a workable solution, you are concerned about how to provide your children with reassurance about shared parenting between you and your ex. At Herrenkohl Law Office, we have provided support to many families in West Virginia as they navigate difficult changes in family circumstances. 

What is a parent education class?

If you are getting a divorce or engaging in a child custody action in West Virginia, you may be told you have to attend a parent education class. There are many different types of parenting classes, but the parent education class a court may order you to take as part of a child custody hearing is unique, according to the West Virginia Legislature.

Establishing paternity grants children important benefits

Child custody and support arrangements in West Virginia can be complicated if you, as a father, are not legally recognized by the state as the father of your child. Under some circumstances, such as having a child out of wedlock, state law might not acknowledge you as your child’s father. Once your relationship is formally established, you can confer important financial and inheritance benefits to your child, even in the event you pass away.

Changing child support after losing your present income

Life can throw some nasty curveballs, which can include the sudden loss of a job or a physical disability resulting from an automobile accident that makes it difficult to earn income. If your financial fortunes have taken a turn for the worse and you are currently paying child support, you should modify your child support payments in a West Virginia court as soon as you can to adjust to your new status.

Decide to pay child support with time or with money

At Herrenkohl Law Office, we take pride in the fact that we work hard to achieve our clients' goals. We believe that we are some of the toughest divorce lawyers in West Virginia. However, determination alone is not enough to succeed — we also need to truly understand our clients' goals.

How is child custody decided?

If you are getting a divorce and have children, then you will have to figure out custody arrangements. If you and your spouse cannot decide these arrangements on your own, then the court will get involved. When the court makes custody decisions, as explained by the West Virginia Legislature, they do so based on what is in the best interests of the child.

Getting ready for one of the biggest decisions in your life

At Herrenkohl Law Office, we know that the child custody portion of a divorce is the first priority of many people in West Virginia. Our clients' children are almost always considered before liquid asset division, real estate decisions or even spousal support agreements. 

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