Problems at work and the breakdown of a marriage
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Problems at work and the breakdown of a marriage

| Feb 8, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

From a spouse’s infidelity to couples growing apart over the years, marriages end for many reasons. Sometimes, divorce is brought on by an unexpected problem that arises temporarily, such as a very difficult health condition that is eventually addressed. Or, a marriage may fall apart because of long-term issues, such as a partner’s drug or alcohol problem that they refuse to deal with. Problems at work may also cause a marriage to fail, and there are various ways in which work-related difficulties can affect a married couple and someone who is working through the process of divorce.

Someone who is a workaholic may not spend very much time with their spouse or their kids, and this could cause their partner to decide to end the marriage. Moreover, someone may have an affair with another person at their place of employment, or their job might lead to changes in their personality. Sometimes, people become very stressed out at work and, unfortunately, some bring this stress into their home after their workday ends. For example, someone who had a tough day in the office may take it out on their family members, resulting in domestic violence. Marital problems can also lead to challenges in the workplace.

If you are thinking about divorce or the process has already begun, it is important to be mindful of these issues if your job or your spouse’s job may have played a role in the breakdown of your marriage. Moreover, employment can affect other family law matters as well, such as child support.